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GIS Support – Coastal Shellfish for Shellfish Tenure Applications

CRM provides GIS Support to Coastal Shellfish for its shellfish tenure applications. Coastal Shellfish is a First Nations (Metlakatla) owned private aquaculture business operating on the west coast of Canada with its headquarters in Prince Rupert, BC.

GIS Support – Mill & Timber Products Ltd. 

CRM provides GIS support for a number of clients in the forestry sector. Since 2008 we have worked closely with Mill & Timber Products Limited. Mill & Timber is a privately owned forest company that specializes in focused operations of high-value timber products. Mill & Timber log the trees, sort and mill the logs, and manufacture lumber for delivery.

M&T Port Hardy Division

CRM supports the daily operations of the Port Hardy Division of Mill & Timber in the following areas:

  • Project management. Design and implementation of GIS workflows and standard operating procedures.
  • Coordination with operations managers and contractors.
  • Acquiring data from field staff. Organizing and manipulating it to meet corporate data structure and operational standards.
  • GIS analysis. CRM provides analysis to mitigate impact on riparian zones, wildlife habitats and important vegetation. GIS Analysis is also used to aid in cut block planning, future harvest planning and forest reconnaissance.
  • Storing data. CRM manages Mill & Timber’s spatial data with on-site servers and ESRI databases.
  • Operational level map creation. Template design for multi-scale maps for both reporting and use in the field. We regularly create mapping products for daily operations and First Nations consultation.
  • Web mapping and mobile data collection applications for use in the field.
  • Output data preparation and application creation for government submissions.

“Truck Scheduler” – Cloud App

CRM has just released its beta fleet management tool, Truck Scheduler to improve the operational efficiency of truck-hauling in the forest industry. The secure web application is designed for operations staff to manage truck fleets, track load inventory, and create scheduling scenarios. Truck Scheduler manages transport schedules through time and location, and keeps drivers, field staff, and managers informed and on schedule – increasing overall productivity.

Island Timberlands – IT Support

Island Timberlands Information Technology Support
CRM staff members have been supporting Island Timberlands Limited Partnership (ITLP) for over 10 years in a wide-range of services and available at a moment’s notice in both on-site and remote environments.  Support includes:
  • Database administration (SQL Server, SSAS, Oracle)
  • Third-party application support
  • Microsoft Office 365 and Sharepoint support
  • On-site infrastructure support
  • Custom application development

“FloodTow” – Cloud App

FloodTow is a commercially available, web-based application developed to manage the complete life cycle of a tug boat company’s Towing Order.  The application was developed by CRM in association with Gowlland Towing Ltd in Campbell River, BC.  The life cycle includes managing the pickup point to drop off point and everywhere in between. Once a Towing Order has been imported or input into the system, the application tracks the order and produces a customer invoice when the delivery is complete. The life cycle of the Towing Order includes the following stages: inserted, accepted, put into a tow, delivered and invoiced. The system is also able to notify recipients (via email) of the towing order status changes. Towing orders can be imported using a CSV format, delivery notices and invoices are sent in a CSV and PDF format.


Harmac Pacific – Chip Pile Assessment 

Harmac Pacific operates a Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK) pulp mill near Nanaimo, BC. The mill produces high-quality pulps from custom blends of Douglas fir, western hemlock, balsam fir, interior SPF, and western red cedar.

Harmac requires volume analysis of wood chips used in pulp production. Conventional survey methods are dangerous, time consuming, and result in inaccuracies due to the regular change in pile size.

By employing UAV technology for chip pile volume calculations, CRM addresses the issues with conventional survey methods. Remote sensing removes danger as ground crews are away from the piles. Data acquisition takes less time and post-processing occurs off-site. Drone flight operations do not disrupt ongoing operations.

CRM provides Harmac with accurate statistical reports and geographically correct ortho-imagery.

City of Nanaimo – Roundabout  

The City of Nanaimo Engineering and Public Works Department tasked CRM to use our UAV technology to capture high definition video of traffic flow in a newly constructed “roundabout” during peak morning and afternoon time periods. CRM retains all necessary Transport Canada permissions for drone operation. Our UAV pilot captured over 1.5 hours of video over 9 total flights while ground support staff observed for possible safety concerns and directed foot traffic away from the flight path.

Output files were provided to the City of Nanaimo for the purpose of reviewing traffic patterns and adjusting for possible safety concerns within the roundabout.

View The City of Nanaimo's Instructional Video on 'Roundabouts'

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